Making Heroes Out of our Customers

We want to make our customers heroes of their organization and leaders in their industry. Our success is based on their success, so we focus on the customer to make sure they can overcome any challenge in a single bound. The team at CloudHesive makes them more agile, more scalable, and a more formidable opponent for any obstacle that stands in their way. See what they have to say about CloudHesive!

“CloudHesive’s approach to understanding our infrastructure, applications and pain-points has been invaluable to the ongoing success and scale of our operations.”

– Neil Redmond, Director of IT and SaaS Operations / e-Builder

“Everyone I’ve interacted with at CloudHesive has been very responsive, easy to communicate with, and always resolved any issues or question we’ve had. We look forward to growing and building our partnership with CloudHesive.”

– Chad Simpson, Office of the CIO / City Furniture

“It wasn’t so much hiring a technician or IT team, it was more like hiring a technical partner that could help us with the architecture, that could help us with the strategic deployment, and then be the backup of the backup,” says Irizarry. When something went wrong, it went to our software teams, and if our software teams couldn’t get it solved, it went to CloudHesive.”

– Charles Irizzary, Managing Director / Rokk3r Labs

“Any small to mid-sized company would be very smart to look at CloudHesive before making the decision to handle encryption in-house. We think very highly of them and we love the fact that we rarely need to contact them for help or questions. They manage everything fully and effectively so everything on our end just works seamlessly.”

– David Dunaway, CEO & President / SchoolPay

“CloudHesive is an absolute necessity for any organization within the healthcare space. With the dramatic increase in data breaches, CloudHesive’s Encryption as a Service (EaaS) product gives me and my users the peace of mind that their data is protected.”

– Toney Frey, VP of Product Management and Engineering / Leading Reach

“Cloudhesive was the clear choice for us. Our custom healthcare systems needed a reliable EaaS to securely store and manage highly sensitive data across a wide range of healthcare clients, pharmaceutical companies, and physicians. The service is 100% reliable and always ON.”

– Peter Ronick, Managing Director & CIO / The Curry Rockefeller Group