Octopus Deploy Partners with CloudHesive

Octopus Deploy by CloudhesiveIf your organization is like most, your application deployment processes could use some improvement. Your development and QA teams are constantly under the gun to create, test, and get new software out into the field, but without proper release tracking, a rushed deployment can be dangerous. With Octopus Deploy, you and your team can finally shorten the lifecycle without sacrificing QA. The platform provides complete release tracking and automates application deployments to their respective servers – whether they’re located on premises or in the cloud.

CloudHesive is a proud Octopus Deploy partner, a relationship that allows us to help our clients improve their existing processes to better track releases and ensure the deployment of higher quality software. We provide a wide array of consulting and managed services, all with a strong focus on security, availability, reliability, and scalability. Through our comprehensive Octopus Deploy consulting services we can also help you to identify how to use this versatile tool to streamline software deployments of all types.

What is Octopus Deploy and why does your company need it?

Octopus Deploy takes the reins from your existing Continuous Integration server and helps you to fully automate the most complex application deployments. Not only can Octopus Deploy handle your deployments to the field or to your end customers, it can also take care of your QA, dev, and acceptance testing deployments as well.

Tracking software releases can be extremely complex, and while there are tools out there that aid in keeping errant software releases under control, mistakes inevitably happen and bad software often slips through the cracks, ultimately making its way to an end user. This is a huge issue for companies who rely on delivering the highest quality software for their internal use or for their customers. With Octopus Deploy, organizations are able to better control when releases are truly ready for production or whether they should be blocked due to issues found during testing.

What are Octopus Deploy Managed Services?

At CloudHesive, we offer Octopus Deploy managed services that allow you to automate software deployment – giving you more time to innovate, test, and improve your existing software. It’s our goal to seamlessly integrate Octopus Deploy into your software deployment lifecycle. If you’re currently deploying software manually, you’re likely dealing with large numbers of servers and resources that can quickly overwhelm even veteran release managers.

By working with CloudHesive as your Octopus Deploy Partner, you’re partnering with a company that fully understands the other tools and technologies you’re already using and can seamlessly integrate them with the Octopus Deploy ecosystem.

Octopus Deploy complements your existing build pipeline

It’s important not to think of Octopus Deploy as a replacement for your current continuous integration solution, but rather a complementary component. With command line tooling as well as a number of plugins for the top CI servers, you’ll easily be able to trigger deployments to development or test environments automatically, as soon as a successful build is completed. Below are a few of the existing build pipeline tools that are supported by Octopus Deploy:

  • Bamboo
  • TFS & VSTS
  • TeamCity
  • Jenkins

Key Octopus Deploy DevOps features

Octopus Deploy DevOps has a range, a few of which include:

  • Cross platform support – Octopus offers built-in support for a wide array of applications, config files, and scripting languages. Full support for .NET, Java, Node.js, PowerShell, Python, Bash, Ruby, C# or F# as well as SQL, Oracle, and other database migrations.
  • Support for virtual machines – Octopus offers an agent called Tentacle that supports deployments to virtual machines hosted on-premises or in the AWS or Azure cloud ecosystems.
  • Enterprise grade – Octopus offers enterprise-level deployments and is used by more than 20,000 organizations around the world, including 40 of the Fortune 100.

Octopus Deploy built for the real world

Regardless of how your software is to be used in the field, Octopus Deploy offers flexibility for real world applications.

  • Complex networking – Octopus can deploy releases regardless of the complexity of your network infrastructure.
  • Support for multi-tenant deployments – Easily manage the deployment of multiple copies of one application across multiple end users.
  • Certificate management – Manage the storage and deployment of X.509 certificates and automatically be notified when they’re set to expire.
  • Release branches – Support different release branches as well as hotfixes to production.
  • Manual intervention – While it’s important to automate as much of the deployment process as possible, we understand that human intervention may still be required. With Octopus, you can add in approvals and guided failures to ensure your team is a part of the entire cycle.

What can an Octopus Deploy Consulting Partner do for you?

Octopus Deploy offers a versatile and enterprise-grade way to automate, systemize, track, and QA your software deployments. While this platform is immensely powerful, it can also be quite complex. With an Octopus Deploy consulting partner like CloudHesive, you’ll have an advocate throughout the entire process. It’s important to work with a company that can take an inventory of your existing deployment processes and help you accurately harness the power of adding Octopus into your software deployment lifecycle.

CloudHesive has long been an industry leader in the consulting and managed services space and is well versed at helping you take an inventory of what’s working in your existing software development lifecycle and where vast improvements can be made. As a Top 100 Cloud Service Provider, CloudHesive has the skill to help you cut down on the effort that is required of your deployment team and consistently deliver the highest quality software possible.

Octopus Deploy Consulting: Get first-line support from CloudHesive

In addition to implementing Octopus Deploy for our customers, we also offer first line support, which means we’re able to quickly and efficiently help you overcome challenges if you’re looking to try something new, or when your needs change.

It’s always our goal to ensure your development pipeline operates as seamlessly as possible so you can focus on continuous development and improvement, confident that the product you package and deploy is fully functional.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Octopus fits into your delivery process, feel free to reach out to the CloudHesive team today at 800-860-2040 or through our contact form.

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