Meet HIPAA Regulations in a Healthcare Cloud

Healthcare organizations face challenges that weren’t conceivable at the onset of the internet age. HIPAA regulations, increasing client IT expectations, and the need for airtight cybersecurity put immense pressure on in-house IT departments – stretching budgets to the breaking point. CloudHesive’s team of experts will tailor a healthcare cloud security plan that aligns with industry requirements and provides you with a competitive advantage. Securing your healthcare cloud ecosystems is critical to passing HIPAA regulations.

Healthcare Cloud Testimonials

“CloudHesive is an absolute necessity for any organization within the healthcare space. With the dramatic increase in data breaches, CloudHesive’s Encryption as a Service (EaaS) product gives me and my users the peace of mind that their data is protected.”

Toney Frey
VP of Product Management and Engineering
Leading Reach

“Cloudhesive was the clear choice for us. Our custom healthcare systems needed a reliable EaaS to securely store & manage highly sensitive data across a wide range of healthcare clients, pharmaceutical companies & physicians. The service is 100% reliable & always ON.”

Peter Ronick
Managing Director & CIO
The Curry Rockefeller Group

Governance and Security

Healthcare cloud environments are required to meet specific regulations to protect Patient Health Information (PHI). CloudHesive helps you meet HIPAA and manage healthcare cloud ecosystems. We help customers migrate healthcare cloud workloads into their environment and protect them by wrapping them with manged security controls.

Once these workloads are on the cloud, governance of these healthcare cloud environments is critical. We help our customers manage changes and oversight of production healthcare cloud environments so there is separation of duties and tractability to any changes or access to PHI data.

Process Management with Solid DevOps for Healthcare IT

Managing your cloud environment and processes with DevOps automation increases the governance and auditability of your healthcare systems.

Interested in moving your healthcare organization securely to the cloud? Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of automated processes, the security controls you will need to manage and how we can help manage your healthcare applications on the cloud. Call (800) 860-2040 or send an email [email protected].