Whether you own your own servers, use a co-location facility or work with a cloud services provider, CloudHesive’s encryption technologies can help you create a fault-tolerant platform that is highly available – 99.9% uptime to be exact. Having your data encrypted means that if an unauthorized person gains access to your data storage, the encrypted data will be completely useless to them. This protects you, your clients and your company.

What is so special about our Encryption as a Service?

Don’t Get Stuck with a Proprietary Solution

No matter who you are working with to provide cloud-based services, our EaaS offering can help support your managed hosting provider or data center.

Take control of your data encryption by utilizing CloudHesive’s Encryption as a Service offering. Call (800) 860-2040 or email us at [email protected] to ensure that your data is actively guarded and protected.