The cloud is revolutionizing how enterprises provide and manage IT services for their users

Companies continue to discover the cost-effectiveness and enhanced data-security advantages of moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. However, even if the cloud did everything for them, and their IT staff could just concentrate on their onsite network and hardware, that would still leave plenty to do.

The cloud does not magically take care of everything

Digital infrastructure, whether onsite or in the wonderous cloud of fame and legend, requires administration and maintenance. Never mind that those requirements may be less onerous than IT departments have had to deal with in the past. There is still plenty of work to go around to keep everything ship-shape. Managing governance, risk and compliance, instance and OS patch management, watching out for things like shadow IT – yes, it gets complicated.

What if CloudHesive could make magic happen?

“Magic” is CloudHesive’s specialty. CloudHesive’s Next-Generation Managed Services offering picks up where Amazon Web Services (AWS) leaves off and manages a company’s cloud ecosystem from end to end, providing network services that tie up all those loose ends that the cloud provider leaves out. Managed services handles infrastructure, operating systems, applications, DevOps, security, and the integrity of your production environment.

Sounds good, right? Here’s what it could mean for IT departments

  • Always- and anywhere-on availability. Optimized software configurations can be at the teams’ disposal no matter where they are and when they need it. CloudHesive’s team can support the business remotely, and their three decades of experience means that, yes, they have seen it all. Like experienced emergency-room docs and nurses, they take charge when the network needs help.
  • Don’t spend your days continually putting out fires. Does your team spend their days running from hotspot to metaphorical hotspot with fire extinguishers in hand? With CloudHesive’s managed services support, a company’s information technology team can focus on the initiatives that will move the business forward instead of chasing the latest network fault or permissions error.
  • Scale your capacity without running out of Rolaids. Your company’s growing at a healthy clip. In fact, it’s growing so fast you’re maxing out bandwidth – both digital and fiduciary. It’s time to break out your antacid of choice. But with CloudHesive’s Next-Generation Managed Services, the company’s digital bandwidth grows, in small increments, along with the needs of the business. The cost adjusts in increments just as tiny, so expenses won’t outstrip the ability to pay them. Save the Tums and the Maalox for those misadventures in questionable dining.
  • Budgeting you can bank on. Companies plan, allocate, and spend. Then, midway through the fiscal year, they often realize that their budget projections were not so accurate. CloudHesive’s flat-rate managed IT services keep data infrastructure protected from the expected as well as the unforeseen, without wiping out the budget in the process.

Here’s what makes it all worthwhile

Peace. Of. Mind. You know, that feeling you get when you can rest assured that you have everything well in hand? It has been a while, hasn’t it? Feel free to indefinitely postpone that nervous breakdown you had scheduled for the fourth quarter – you’ve made sure that everything is secure and adequately looked-after. Any unpleasant surprises will be handled in due course without an equally nasty bill.

Let Next-Generation Managed Services from CloudHesive bring you inner peace

Fulfill the promise of the cloud. Enjoy always-on reliability. Be free of the nagging, constant worry about the havoc a security breach might wreak, and how much it would cost to fix. Relish the ability to complete IT projects on time because you can stay on task and not be distracted by the “fire-du-jour.” Know that your IT budget will actually bear a striking resemblance to actual expenditures. Learn more about Next Generation Managed Services by getting in touch with CloudHesive at 800-860-2040 or through our online contact form.